Poelmann has a fitting answer to every processing question about technical plastics. Thanks to our specialised partners, always carried out with the cost in mind and technically perfect. Whether it’s processing of standard products to measure or developing a new product based on your specifications.

Processing to measure

Poelmann is the correct address for all possible conventional processing – lathe work, punching, milling or drilling. Advanced technologies, such as cnc and cad cam processing, water jet and laser cutting are also available. For more information about processing have a look at processed parts.
Gluing, varnishing or printing are also no problem and we can look after a lot of different assemblies, e.g. parts provided with inserts, helicoils or press-in nuts.

Small numbers as well.

Development to specification

Your technical requirements and specifications, wishes, criteria and budget, combined with our practical experience, material knowledge and expert partners result in precisely the product that exactly meets your specification. Poelmann is the link between your question and the solution.

You and Poelmann BV, together we will work towards the best solution.

Contact us; we’d like to think with you