Thermo-hardening laminates - or duroplasts

Thermo-hardening laminates - or duroplasts - are made by compressing various layers of pre-impregnated material together under high pressure and temperature.
The pre-material (prepreg) can consist of various raw materials, e.g. paper, cotton, glass, Kevlar, mica paper, etc.
The impregnation resin can also vary, e.g. phenol, epoxy, melamine or silicon, depending on the requirements.
Poelmann is the exclusive agent for these laminates for e.g. the well-known manufacturer Isovolta.

Advantages of duroplast:


Poelmann offers a wide programme of duroplast intermediates in plate, pipe and rod form and pultrusions in many materials, for every desired application. The hundreds of sizes, forms and shapes are usually available from stock